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Enterprise Collaboration Portal in Python/Django Framework for a Paints Manufacturing company in South Africa

The Client

A Chemical Manufacturing Company in South Africa involved in Paints and Polishes Manufacturing

The Business Challenge

Our client a mid-sized industrial paints and polishes manufacturing company is having 2 manufacturing units with a total strength of 700+ workers and staff members. It also has regional sales and distribution offices in 4 different cities across the South African region. They wanted an enterprise collaboration portal where employees can interact and provide feedback for improving business activities, sales managers can communicate with the production and mixing staff and bring the regional sales & distribution staff on a single platform for better interaction.

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The Solution

After a thorough analysis of the company’s requirements and the nature of the business they are involved in, Advanton Inc. proposed a Django Framework based enterprise portal that has a robust backend to assign private logins to the employees, set permissions based on the roles and the departments, view interactivity and engagement level in the form of graphs generated on a monthly/weekly basis and broadcast message feature to update all the working staff about new policies and important updates.  Portal also has a private messaging option for the sales managers to communicate with the production staff and provide them with a clear picture about the demand and orders. Portal was designed to work on the company’s intranet and allowed seamless collaboration and files exchange features that are in the doc, docx, pdf, jpg, rtf or gif formats. There’s an option for the employees to provide feedback on the company’s wall and on the backend management has the option to segregate the feedbacks and comments to make improvements. The portal was developed utilizing Pinax which is an opensource platform built on Django framework and has a wide collection of Django apps with social networking and collaboration feature that allows significant cost reduction when developing social collaboration applications in Python.

Portal allowed employees to collaborate on a single platform, exchange information when needed and become more engaged with the company’s management to identify loop holes and make improvements.

In the second phase, Advanton Inc. is now working with the company and implementing a datawarehouse solution based on Pentaho to enable the company to transform the unstructured data into insightful information to make improvements in the areas that need immediate attention.


Django Framework, MySql, Pinax, Python

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