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eCommerce Intelligence Software Development in Python for a retailer in the US

The Client

An online retailer based in the US selling jewelry and fashion accessories

The Business Challenge

Our client runs a mid-sized online store selling jewelry and fashion accessories based in the US, wanted ecommerce intelligence software to scrape the prices from competitor websites, scrape all the feedbacks and customer reviews and build a list of websites that update prices more frequently. Client wanted to gain competitive advantage by comparing their prices with the peers, understand the quality of the services by gathering feedbacks and customer reviews and arranging in a graphical format as well as tracks the competitor websites that updates prices most frequently of a particular product to stay ahead in online sales from their competitors.

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The Solution

Advanton Inc. proposed developing a backend application in Python and MySQL that scrapes the prices from the competitor websites based on the parameters and URLs set by the Admin. Crawler extracted the information such as Prices, feedbacks and customer reviews from different websites and the information is stored in the Database. We also used Plotly which is a Python Library to display the feedbacks and customer reviews information in Graphical format. Also, Plotly was used to display the frequency of prices updates in the form of graphs on a weekly, fortnightly or a monthly basis. The software immediately sends a notification to the Admin in near real-time as soon as the price of any tracked product on different websites is updated.

The Python based solution developed by the Advanton Inc. enabled the client to gain competitive advantage and helped it’s backend team to come up with prices that are feasible enough in the marketplace by analysing the competitors and their pricing update frequency. Our client was able to increase sales by over 35% by analysing the competitor prices and improving services based on the customer feedbacks and reviews gathered from different sources.


Python 2.7, MySQL, Plotly, jQuery

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