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Document Management Scanning and Archival Portal development in Python Django Framework for an insurance broker in the European Region

The Challenge

Our client is a mid-sized insurance broker based in Europe and has tie-ups with over 20 leading insurance companies serving over 3 million customers annually. Our client has 3 different branch offices at different locations across the EU region.

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Due to the regulatory measures and compliance issues in the insurance industry it was vital for the client to maintain electronic records of all the documents and policy papers including the customer specific policy details. They had a legacy Document Management System that was slow, lagging in features and poor archival and retrieval capabilities. They immediately needed a solution that could help them meet compliance and resolve document archival and retrieval issues for the future of their business in the insurance industry.

We analyzed the loop holes in their legacy Document Management System and the client was losing approx. Euros 300 000 annually due to poor document management processes that was affecting their entire business.

The Solution

Advanton Inc.’s main goal was to develop a centralized application that provides quick, easy and convenient document scanning, archival and retrieval capabilities to the client’s entire staff which is distributed at 3 different branches. The new Document Management Portal was developed using Python and Django framework that has the capabilities to archive and search documents by reference numbers, code, id, title and keywords. Advanton Inc. worked closely with the client’s staff to understand their exact needs for developing user friendly web based interfaces in order come up with a solution that needs less training for the employees. The new Portal allowed the client’s staff to upload, create, scan and store documents on a centralized platform and all three branches were able to use the same portal and it gave them better visibility into their own business operations and helped them meet compliance and regulatory issues for managing electronic records.

Advanton Inc. is now working with the company to develop a mobile solution for field verification of the insurance claims that is initiated by hundreds of customers on a daily basis. The new mobile solution and a mobile app for the company’s field verification officers would help them in capturing images on the spot and archive them for the claims verification purposes later.

The new mobile solution will work seamlessly with the Document Management System that was already implemented by Advanton Inc.

Technologies Used

Django Framework, Pinax, Python,  PostgreSQL

Python Customer Portal

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