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Customer support automation for a large travel & tour operator in Australia

The Challenge

Company runs and operates travel & tour business for domestic and international clients offering services such as travel packages booking, hotel booking, sightseeing tours, air tickets booking and honeymoon packages. Company maintains all the customer related data in a CRM built on an open source platform but it was a challenge for the customer support agents to answer customer calls with the accurate information because the CRM software and traditional support phone lines were not integrated.

The Solution

ADVANTON integrated Cloud IVR with the client’s existing CRM using PHP and MySQL since client’s existing CRM was built on core PHP framework. This automated the call routing capabilities, only those calls were routed to the agents where callers opted to talk with the agents. Other information requested by the callers such as booking confirmation, cancellation, status of flight booking and hotel booking was provided by the system automatically based on the inputs provided by the callers. Call load became low, agents doesn’t have to pull the data manually every time a caller asks for the information and the company saved thousands of dollars by getting rid of the traditional phone lines and hardware.

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