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Customer Engagement mobile solution for a mid-sized retailer having 12 outlets across Spain

The Challenge

Client wanted consumers to be able to access the product info, prices and details by themselves using their smart phones and tablets when they shop in store and retailer can engage these consumers by delivering the content in an interactive manner to boost sales and enhance customer loyalty.

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The Solution

ADVANTON proposed and implemented a mobile application on the front-end that enabled consumers to scan the product labels, shelves and logos for accessing product info, prices and other details in an interactive manner. Mobile application was based on Augmented Reality that made products come alive on smart phones and tablets. The retailer, had deployed logos, marketing brochures and product labels across various shelves of the stores to encourage consumers scan the items and play with the products on their smart phones and tablets.


Immediate impact of the solution was that the consumers started scanning the logos, labels and brochures across various shelves for the products that they wanted to know more about, they loved to engage with the products and were delighted by the whole new shopping experience being delivered inside the store. Augmented reality made it possible for the retailer to enable consumer experience products/brand in real-life and play with it before making a purchase that resulted in increased sales, customer loyalty and trust. Sales were increased by 40% and customer foot-fall increased by 70%.

ADVANTON, started working with the client again to build a business intelligence platform on HADOOP to analyze consumer behavior, engagement with various brands that the retailer offers and purchasing habits based on the data that generated by the Augmented Reality Mobile application we had implemented in the first phase.

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