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How to set up Odoo Point of Sale for Restaurant?

Steps to configure Restaurant POS (point of sale) for the first time: ODOO POS $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full Customization as required First, go to the Point of Sale application, Click ‘Configuration’ and then you will see a drop-down, click ‘settings’ Select the option Restaurant: activate table management and then Click ‘Apply’ at the top left corner After that you’ll see the Dashboard again. Click ‘More’ from the Restaurant POS on the right corner Menu will expand clicking on ‘More’. Then click ‘Settings’ at the bottom right corner Clicking on ‘settings’ a new page will come up with various options for the Restaurant POS. Scroll down the page […]

Odoo Restaurant Management Software – Empowers you to achieve profitability by delighting customers!

Are you missing what 2 million other businesses are using? Odoo Restaurant management software – License free, simple to use and solves real business problems! ODOO POS – $9/user/month If you are a restaurant owner, you might be using some software for managing your restaurant business & operations or it is possible that you are relying on multiple software for managing various tasks. Odoo is a fully integrated Restaurant Management Software that is in use by over 2 million companies. It has a powerful mapping engine that helps Restaurant owners to map out the floor layout for better visualization and space management. Watch the video to see Odoo for Restaurant […]

Augmented Reality – a promising technology for retailers and packagers!

Augmented Reality can equip the packaging industry to gain competitive advantage with its powerful interactive features that engages the smart phone generation by delivering interactive content and a more personalized shopping experience. $20/user/month – Your AR Mobile App in the CLOUD – Custom AR content Today’s consumers are smart, tech-savvy and make purchase decisions based on the reviews, price comparisons and discounts. Technology has played a vital role in making consumers smarter and choosier. As technology is affecting the way consumers make purchasing decisions, retail and packaging industry is facing the challenge of attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. In order to engage with the new generation of […]

Building a Loyal Customer Base by Reinventing your Customer Support Service

One of the major challenges that companies are facing today is customer retention. Whether you are into ecommerce business or run an offline store or a travel business, it’s getting tough to retain customers especially for smaller businesses because they can’t afford to invest in expensive technology that can solve customer issues quickly and provide self-service over the phone. A recent by a research firm revealed that 82% of the youth population love to spend on larger brands because it gives them a sense of personal care as they have the option to call the support number in case they need any assistance. And despite the growth of the social […]

10 Reasons to integrate Cloud IVR into your ecommerce website/portal

Interactive Voice Response system is a technology that has been around for over a decade now but Cloud platforms has transformed the IVR technologies and made it extremely affordable for small businesses such as Retail stores, Logistics companies, Travel agencies and ecommerce websites. The advantage of IVR integration with your website/portal is that, it automates the customer support process over the phone and customers feel more satisfied with your product/service. 1) Automates Self Service over the Phone Cloud IVR when integrated to the website’s database automates customer support service byproviding automated response to the callers by reading the information directly from the database such as: order information, shipping statues, business […]

Your company’s future depends on ‘how well you can provide support’ to your customers?

What most of the startup ecommerce companies, retail stores and logistics companies fail to realize is that there business depends on customers. If customers are satisfied with the service they come back for more or otherwise they will never return. A recent research done by the consulting firm ‘Fifth Quadrant’ revealed that for 71 percent of the online shoppers still prefers transacting on the websites that provide support over the phone. It is not surprising to see that users feel more secure if they could talk to a customer support agent for getting their issues resolved quickly. Talking to an agent gives a sense of personal touch to the customers […]

What is Augmented Reality and how it enables businesses to engage and acquire new customers?

Every consumer is now a digital consumer that’s because consumers are using various channels to enhance their engagement experiences with the brands such as social sites and mobile devices. Brand owners, retailers, restaurant businesses and real estate businesses are leveraging various digital solutions to drive consumer engagement and competitive advantage. Augmented Reality is one such promising technology that brings immediate results and maximum ROI. Augmented Reality technology superimposes computer generated images and other content onto the real-world environments. It enhances a user’s experience by bringing physical and virtual together on a mobile device or a tablet. It becomes possible to hide engaging content such as videos, images, animations and other […]

How Odoo ERP helps Logistics companies save costs on their daily operations?

Odoo simplifies complex tasks such as vehicles management, GPS tracking, costs management, insurances and assignments by integrating these processes together into a one single platform. Companies have access to all the vehicles, business and insurance related data under one single window. ODOO Fleet Management $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Free customization Simplified Fleet Management With Odoo’s smart app you can keep a close eye on your vehicles and manage all the vehicle related information in few clicks. Whether it’s about managing fuel log entries, costs of transportation or tracking the location of different vehicles, Odoo offers comprehensive features to simplify such daily tasks. Your fleet of vehicles will be […]

ASP dot NET based online passbook for a leading bank in central asia

The challenge One of the leading banks in central Asia needed an online passbook solution to enable its customers have access to the account related information such as balance, transaction history and funds transfer. Since, the bank’s core application was built on .NET platform and was running multiple MS SQL databases; bank was facing several challenges to enable web based services for its customers. The Solution Advanton decided to send a team of technical experts at the client’s location that helped in understanding the requirements and analyzing the challenges. Onsite team did a thorough analysis of the client’s existing applications and prepared a technical report after several mettings with the […]

Classic ASP code migration to ASP.NET for one the largest car service providers directory portal

The Challenge Our client runs one of the largest car service providers’ directory portals in the US. The portal generates over 10,000 queries and quotes everyday for people looking for a car service at a competitive price. Portal was developed using classic ASP due to which client was facing difficulties in building interfaces on the front-end and adding new features. Portal was losing customers due to mediocre looking website and legacy features. The Solution The first thing ADVANTON’s team did was a quick analysis of the entire portal and the legacy code and made a review report that was provided to the client. It helped client in understanding the problems […]

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