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Online News Portal Development in PHP and Zend Framework for a large News Publishing Agency in Asia

The Client A large news publishing agency operating in India, Middle East and South East Asia The Business challenge Our client is a news publishing agency with several print magazines and TV channels. They wanted to leverage digital publishing platform to distribute news reports and publish important news reports for the general audience.   The Solution Advanton Inc. did a thorough analysis of the client’s existing print magazine business and the various offline and online sources from where they gather news items in both print and digital formats. Our team of opensource experts suggested and developed a zend framework based PHP web application development to automate the news gathering processes […]

Top 4 ways to ensure that you get the best results from your ERP system investment

At Advanton Inc. our consultants often get calls from the clients who choose Odoo ERP as their business management software and get it implemented for complete business automation and mostly the calls are about the appreciation of the implementation work performed by our engineers and consultants. But many times we also receive calls from the customers that are not sure about how to get the maximum value from their ERP system. $25/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full Customization as Required Learn more about our Odoo implementation services its benefits and watch the video.. So, we thought about writing an entire post highlighting the main points in order to get […]

Odoo ERP for the furniture & fittings manufacturers and retailers

Furniture & fittings manufacturers and retailers operate in a highly competitive market that has several challenges including rising costs of raw material, challenge to provide finished goods at lower prices while maintaining quality and above all manage inventory to keep costs under control. $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Free Customization Learn more about our Odoo ERP implementation services and case studies.. Odoo ERP enables furniture manufacturers and retailers to keep costs under control by automating production processes, optimizing inventory management, automating CRM activities, enabling online invoicing and payments. Odoo brings flexibility to the furniture manufacturers and retailers in managing their product catalogue, expanding business operations and producing better products […]

How an exceptional customer service can boost your ecommerce business

Consulting firm Fifth Quadrant’s research report revealed that 71% of online customers still prefer to make a purchase or transact on the websites where Phone Support is available. Research also suggested that talking over the phone to a customer support executive gives a sense of personal service to the customers and they like to return. Learn how our Cloud IVR solution automated customer support over the phone for a large ecommerce company.. Learn more about our Cloud IVR solution and why it is the most affordable solution on the planet.. Ecommerce websites have transformed our lives and opened the doors of tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. Entrepreneurs who understood […]

Why large companies are switching to opensource ERP and considering Odoo implementation

Recently the news was out that Toyota (one of the largest car manufacturer in the world) got Odoo implemented for one of its subsidiaries in Europe. Not, only Toyota but other global corporations have also switched to open source business management software due to flexibility and cost benefits. ODOO ERP $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD by Advanton Inc. – Free Customization  But one of the qualities that business community and corporations emphasize on is “business agility” as it matters the most in today’s fast evolving business environment. Corporations have started to recognize the fact that license free, open source software offers better quality, is easy to implement and can be […]

How Odoo ERP Manufacturing Management help save costs by automating processes

Odoo ERP for manufacturing is one of the most popular business management software available on the market today. It competes with some of the leading names in the business management software such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft but the advantage of Odoo is that it is license free, built on a robust architecture to support business processes of mid-sized to large enterprises and built using Python and Postgre SQL and completely open-source. ODOO Manufacturing $9/user/month – Private CLOUD – Full customization as required Odoo business management software is used by over 2 million businesses worldwide and due to its powerful features for the Manufacturing processes, global giants such as Toyota, […]

How to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant Using Smart Phones

To build a successful restaurant, business owners need to maximize customer engagement. 90% of new restaurants fail during the first year, for long-term success you must establish a customer-base.Why not take inspiration from Starbucks? – They used Augmented Reality technology to develop a ‘Magic Coffee Cup’ to promote their range of holiday beverages. When diners scanned the sleeve of the coffee cup they could view a range of holiday scenes on their phone.   This article provides you with insights that you can use to increase you customer base and build a successful restaurant business using new technologies: Engage with your customers through their smart phones – Start by providing […]

How to make your manufacturing business more efficient

Manufacturing sector across the globe is under constant pressure due to global slowdown and rising costs of labour and raw material. In order to maintain a steady growth while managing costs efficiently it becomes important to reduce inefficiencies in the whole manufacturing process from beginning to end. $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Free Trial for 7 Days Having access to the right information is crucial to optimizing business processes and this can be achieved through modern business management software or ERP system that enables manufacturers to highlight areas that need improvement or immediate attention. Augmented Reality in Action for Manufacturing Drawings and Products Specs Learn more about Odoo ERP […]

How Mobile Enabled ERP software helps organizations become more Flexible

Every enterprise today relies on some kind of business management software to manage operations, business processes and finances. This is one of the major reasons why Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP has taken the manufacturing industry by storm. In the recent years we’ve seen huge investments by both mid-sized and large companies in ERP software to automate business processes and enhance efficiency. $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full Customization as needed Fifteen years ago, it would have been tough to imagine that it would be possible to connect to the corporate network using mobile devices or access the business data on smart phones anytime, anywhere. But today it is […]

How ERP can make real difference to your business in 5 different ways

From legacy inventory systems of the 1980s to the modern ERP systems of 21st century, the development of business management software has undergone huge expansion. The need for automation of business processes to save time and costs made ERP a vital business management tool for the enterprises across the globe. $9/user/month – Private CLOUD by Advanton Inc. – Customizations as required Today enterprises are focused on reducing operational costs to reduce the negative impact on their bottom line but rising manpower costs, raw material costs, heavy taxes and costly machinery hits back hard at the cost reduction efforts. Automation of business processes using ERP software can help enterprises in becoming […]

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