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How to make your manufacturing business more efficient

Manufacturing sector across the globe is under constant pressure due to global slowdown and rising costs of labour and raw material. In order to maintain a steady growth while managing costs efficiently it becomes important to reduce inefficiencies in the whole manufacturing process from beginning to end. $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Free Trial for 7 Days Having access to the right information is crucial to optimizing business processes and this can be achieved through modern business management software or ERP system that enables manufacturers to highlight areas that need improvement or immediate attention. Augmented Reality in Action for Manufacturing Drawings and Products Specs Learn more about Odoo ERP […]

How Mobile Enabled ERP software helps organizations become more Flexible

Every enterprise today relies on some kind of business management software to manage operations, business processes and finances. This is one of the major reasons why Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP has taken the manufacturing industry by storm. In the recent years we’ve seen huge investments by both mid-sized and large companies in ERP software to automate business processes and enhance efficiency. $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full Customization as needed Fifteen years ago, it would have been tough to imagine that it would be possible to connect to the corporate network using mobile devices or access the business data on smart phones anytime, anywhere. But today it is […]

How ERP can make real difference to your business in 5 different ways

From legacy inventory systems of the 1980s to the modern ERP systems of 21st century, the development of business management software has undergone huge expansion. The need for automation of business processes to save time and costs made ERP a vital business management tool for the enterprises across the globe. $9/user/month – Private CLOUD by Advanton Inc. – Customizations as required Today enterprises are focused on reducing operational costs to reduce the negative impact on their bottom line but rising manpower costs, raw material costs, heavy taxes and costly machinery hits back hard at the cost reduction efforts. Automation of business processes using ERP software can help enterprises in becoming […]

Top 5 ways to increase customer engagement by improving your digital strategy

Engaging consumers in today’s digital age is challenging but extremely important for the brands in order to create awareness about products and services. Consumers expect delightful online experiences from each and every brand but due to poor digital strategies and lack of proper digital platforms, brands struggle to engage effectively with the consumers and that negatively impacts the brand value. As per the State of Marketing Technology Report, it is the voice of the consumers that matters today to most of the brands and not the traditional marketing strategies. Brands have realized the fact that satisfied customers are the key to a healthy business and maintaining a steady growth rate […]

How Retailers are taking advantage of Augmented Reality to drive Customer Engagement

Witnessing the potential of Augmented Reality in driving customer engagement, leading retailers are adopting this amazing technology in different ways to improve in-store shopping experience and increase sales. If large retailers with multi-chain retail store are investing in this emerging technology, it’s time for smaller chains and retailers to also adopt and take advantage of Augmented Reality based solutions to improve in-store customer engagement and drive sales. E-commerce boom and the success of online shopping has pushed retailers to find new ways of improving in-store customer engagement and delivering personalised services to the customers in order to bring back consumers to the stores. This is where Augmented Reality could prove […]

Top Trends in Cloud IVR for Automated Customer Support

Delivering a compelling customer care service experience is the key to achieve loyalty but it is not an easy task. Customer expectations are high and they want to stick to the brand that provides personalized services and top-notch support over the phone without any delays. IVR is one such technology that enables both online and traditional retailers to deliver the kind of customer support that they value the most in today’s environment, such as personalized service and self-care options. Let’s have a look at the top trends in IVR technology and what’s possible with Cloud IVR solution: 1. Customers find self-service options more convenient as it helps them find answers […]

Better Customer Engagement yields fruitful results for brick-and-mortar stores

Retail is changing at a faster pace and with the increasing penetration of smart phones and tablets, brick-and-mortar stores are finding it difficult to compete with the online stores. Decreasing foot-fall and sales are some of the toughest challenges that brick-and-mortar stores are facing in today’s environment. Just a decade ago, consumers loved shopping inside the four walls where they could touch, feel and explore the products of their choices in real but with the advancement in technology and availability of 24×7 internet consumers shifted to the online stores as they found it much more convenient to explore products, compare prices and order from anywhere, anytime. Brands owners and brick-and-mortar […]

Augmented Reality is proving to be an effective technology for Customer Engagement

In just 2 to 3 years from now, the Augmented Reality market will be worth over $150 billion and that’s one of the reasons why technology giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are investing heavily in the Augmented Reality based solutions. Augmented Reality is beneficial for all the industry segments as it brings immediate customer engagement but the Retail industry is finding it the most promising technology to engage the customers and increase sales. Augmented Reality users are increasing everyday and it is estimated that by 2018 there will be over 200 million users using AR based apps on their smart phones and tablets. IBM consumer research data revealed that […]

When is the right time to automate your Accounting processes?

More and more enterprises, both small and large, are trying to find the answer to the above question but there’s no specific answer to it. If you’re relying on too many manual accounting processes or if your accounting is getting messed up and full of errors then this is the right time to start with the automation process. Above all, automating your accounting enables you as an organization to become more efficient, control unnecessary expenditures and bring transparency in finances. $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Free Customization  Almost 70% of the accounting professionals admit that they are always looking for advanced tools and software in order to simplify their […]

Augmented Reality and the Future of Retail business

Smart Phones and tablets have empowered customers to a great extent when it comes to making decision about purchasing products online or offline or exploring dining options or booking movie tickets. But digital transformation has also increased pressure on the traditional Retailers to align their businesses as per the changing market dynamics. Learn how ADVANTON Inc. enables leading Retailers to achieve more using AR technology Enterprises and business across the globe are investing in different technologies to transform themselves into the next-generation digital entities to engage with consumers and build a loyal customer base. From social media marketing to mobile apps to analytics, enterprises are utilizing various technologies to gain […]

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