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yodle alternative

Free Yodle Alternative – Advanton About YODLE It is an online marketing company catering to the Small Business Owners across US and Canada. Yodle was founded in 2005 and since then it has been growing steadily reporting revenues of over US $163 million in the year 2016 – 2017. If you are looking for a Yodle Alternative then continue reading… Yodle has over 50,000 small businesses as its customers for local online advertising needs. Yodle charges somewhere between $500 – $1200 per month in fee for providing online marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Local Lead Generation Services to the Small Businesses. Yodle claims to bring more customers to the small […]

Office 365 mail and ODOO integration

Guide for Office 365 mail and ODOO integration  Recently, Hubbard College of Administration based in Los Angeles, USA  approached us for solving one of their challenges they were facing with the Office 365 mail and ODOO integration. It was a challenging task resolving the issue because everything seemed pretty ok with the ODOO version 10 community edition implementation and Office 365 mail settings that were done previously. We had analysed and tested the setup with various IP addresses, domain names and test servers but none really seemed to work the way College’s CLOUD setup was implemented. Their domain name was pointing to their CLOUD servers where the entire website and intranet […]

Six key things for Small Business Owners

Six Key things for Small Business owners to Succeed in today’s digital era In today’s digital market you need a strong online presence in order to succeed with your small business. As a small business owner you already take a lot of risk everyday and not having a professional business image online puts you at a greater risk of failing in your venture. There are several reasons for this: Not having a domain name registered under your business name means you do not have any web presence and the prospects would never come to know about your business. Not having a website for your small business means you are not […]

who owns domain name – WHOIS Lookup

Who owns domain name – A complete Guide – Recently, we came across an issue where some of the small business owners wanted to get started with our Free Website Development and Online Marketing program but they couldn’t get started quickly due to the domain name ownership issues. Do you know who owns domain name? They were pretty frustrated with the website design and online marketing agencies that they were dealing with since few months and guess what it became even worse, when they wanted to have access to their domain control panel those web design agencies simply refused to give them the access to change the DNS (Domain name System) settings […]

how to create a free website

How to create a Free Website for your small business with our Step-by-step guide According to a recent survey most of the Small business owners across US either do not have a website or they have a sluggish, slow and low quality business website that is of no use in 2017. One of the major reasons for not having a website is that the small business owners think that it is expensive to build and market a website. Considering the above situation and the fact that having an online presence is extremely important in today’s digital age, we decided to write a complete guide on ‘how to create a free […]

Search Engine Optimization and Google Ranking

Ultimate guide to Search Engine Optimization and Google Ranking – So, you are ready with your new small business website like thousands of other small businesses on the web but what’s your marketing plan in order to compete with other businesses? The truth is that it’s like a war going on the web today among websites to rank higher in search results for generating more business and as a new website owner you can get lost easily in this war if you do not have a solid online marketing and search engine optimization strategy. Today, we are discussing the most important aspects of on page SEO techniques that will help you […]

Why Small Businesses Need Mobile App in today’s digital age

Small Business Owners must consider Mobile App development for their businesses in today’s digital age to tap the wider market. If you are the owner of a small business and your business does not have a mobile application, it is important that you get one. Only having an online presence is no longer sufficient, as most of the online activities have shifted to mobile. Creating a smartphone app is an essential marketing technique to gain an adge over your competition. As per surveys, majority of individuals check their mobile phones at least once every hour and most of them use different mobile applications. As a result, smartphone applications have become a […]

Simple Tips for Mobile App developers to secure Mobile Application

Useful tips for mobile app developers to secure mobile application – Mobile security is a primary concern these days with the increased number of mobile users and possible security threats. Nowadays, mobile applications are facing lots of security issues which are related to your personal data and payments that are done using mobile devices. Mobile app developers and researchers work continuously to find new and innovative solutions everyday to protect your data and personal information but here are few simple tips for the developers to secure mobile apps. Learn More about Free Mobile App Development for Small Business Owners.. Secure IPC It is important to ensure that interaction between different components […]

Why your small business needs a mobile responsive website

You need a Mobile Responsive website in 2017 to generate sales! In today’s digital age mobile websites have become as important as having a desktop website for businesses to tap into the mobile space. There are a number of reasons why your website should be user-friendly, responsive and mobile ready. Mobile friendly websites help improves mobile search rankings. It offers better user experience and navigation capabilities to keep visitors coming back to your website on their mobile devices. Learn more about ADVANTON CLOUD for Free Website and Free online Marketing that helps over 10,000 small business owners in 160 countries.. Understand the mobile content To tap into the mobile space, […]

Why Small Business Owners should consider migrating to the CLOUD

Why Migrating to the CLOUD can be a good choice for small business owners? Nowadays, cloud computing is a widely used service and you are probably using it every day in the form of Gmail, Dropbox, Google docs or building a website using services such as and you’re already taking advantage of it. Cloud computing brings unmatched value to the small business owners and startups. Everyday small business owners are investing in cloud services, tools and technologies in order to streamline their daily operations, reduce operating costs and get rid of expensive hardware & software licenses. According to research reports, around 37% of small businesses globally have already migrated to […]

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