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Search Engine Optimization and Google Ranking

Ultimate guide to Search Engine Optimization and Google Ranking So, you are ready with your new small business website like thousands of other small businesses on the web but what’s your marketing plan in order to compete with other businesses? The truth is that it’s like a war going on the web today among websites to rank higher in search results for generating more business and as a new website owner you can get lost easily in this war if you do not have a solid online marketing and search engine optimization strategy. Today, we are discussing the most important aspects of on page SEO techniques that will help you […]

Why Small Businesses Need Mobile App in today’s digital age

Small Business Owners must consider Mobile App development for their businesses in today’s digital age to tap the wider market. If you are the owner of a small business and your business does not have a mobile application, it is important that you get one. Only having an online presence is no longer sufficient, as most of the online activities have shifted to mobile. Creating a smartphone app is an essential marketing technique to gain an adge over your competition. As per surveys, majority of individuals check their mobile phones at least once every hour and most of them use different mobile applications. As a result, smartphone applications have become a […]

Simple Tips for Mobile App developers to secure Mobile Application

Useful tips for the mobile app developers to secure mobile apps Mobile security is a primary concern these days with the increased number of mobile users and possible security threats. Nowadays, mobile applications are facing lots of security issues which are related to your personal data and payments that are done using mobile devices. Mobile app developers and researchers work continuously to find new and innovative solutions everyday to protect your data and personal information but here are few simple tips for the developers to secure mobile apps. Learn More about Free Mobile App Development for Small Business Owners.. Secure IPC It is important to ensure that interaction between different […]

Why your small business needs a mobile responsive website

You need a Mobile Responsive website in 2017 to generate sales! In today’s digital age mobile websites have become as important as having a desktop website for businesses to tap into the mobile space. There are a number of reasons why your website should be user-friendly, responsive and mobile ready. Mobile friendly websites help improves mobile search rankings. It offers better user experience and navigation capabilities to keep visitors coming back to your website on their mobile devices. Learn more about ADVANTON CLOUD for Free Website and Free online Marketing that helps over 10,000 small business owners in 160 countries.. Understand the mobile content To tap into the mobile space, […]

Why Small Business Owners should consider migrating to the CLOUD

Why Migrating to the CLOUD can be a good choice for small business owners? Nowadays, cloud computing is a widely used service and you are probably using it every day in the form of Gmail, Dropbox, Google docs or building a website using services such as and you’re already taking advantage of it. Cloud computing brings unmatched value to the small business owners and startups. Everyday small business owners are investing in cloud services, tools and technologies in order to streamline their daily operations, reduce operating costs and get rid of expensive hardware & software licenses. According to research reports, around 37% of small businesses globally have already migrated to […]

Why Online Marketing is Essential for Small Businesses

With Online Marketing Small Business Owners can turn their Businesses into a Powerhouse  In today’s competitive world, online marketing is a must have a thing for all types of businesses and especially for small businesses. If you are running a small business then it quite obvious that there are many other businesses which offer same services. The best way to identify the importance of online marketing is to find out benefits online marketing brings. In this electronic era, people mostly search online for products and services. In order to become a stable player in the market, businesses need uniquely adapted marketing. Online marketing practices are essential for marketing small businesses […]

Website Development for Cake Pastry Shops

Free Website Development for Cake and Pastry Shops Advanton Inc. helps cake and pastry shop owners to boost their business by spreading their brand locally and reaching more customers online. Our free CLOUD website development and free online success marketing program puts your cake and pastry shop in front of the customers where they are searching for a similar shop like yours. Our services are free and always will be for small business owners. Our CLOUD platform is designed for small businesses that puts you ahead of your competition within few weeks. All you have to pay is $10/month for all this and much more. You get a free website […]

Guide to setup a website for small business that generates leads for revenue

A guide for Small Business Owners to setup a website that generates leads & regular income As a small business owner or an individual you may not be tech savvy, have no idea how to setup your website and get your business online to reach a wider customer base. This is what we all go through when we run a small business. The fact is that we know that there’s a huge potential if we can get our business online but due the lack of technical knowledge and understand about how things work online, we just keep ignoring it. Some of us also had bad experiences in the past of […]

How to Promote your Website online for free

One of the biggest challenges that Small Business owners face is about promoting their business online. No matter how beautiful or informative your business website or blog is, if you cannot drive traffic to your website or blog it will not make any difference to your business. Thanks to CLOUD services company like ADAVANTON Inc. that helps small business owners promote their business website online for Free and generate 100% income every month by generating leads. Advanton’s CLOUD experts provide small business owners & individuals with free website design services and free online success marketing program to help them generate 100% guaranteed revenue quickly. Considering that online marketing and website […]

How to get free website design, hosting and 100% income for your small business

As an individual who’s just starting up with a small business or if you already own a small business, you know how important it is to have a web presence and professional looking website in today’s environment. There are many DIY services that allow you to design your own website and then there are freelancers out there that promise you to design your website for few hundred to thousands of dollars but for the 70% of small business owners out there, it is like a complete nightmare. There are quite a few reasons for this failure: You don’t know whom you are hiring on a freelancing website and whether he/she could […]

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