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small business grants

Sources Where you can find Small Business Grants So you are ready to get started with your small business and now you must be thinking how to get money for your business or find funding for your small business? Well, small business grants are available from many different sources for small businesses in various categories. It can make a huge difference if you can find small business grants to raise capital for your small business.  There are also government grants available for specific types of businesses and categories such as not-for-profit, research based grants if you are involved in developing some new technology or your work is related to science […]

Home improvement usa

What is Home Improvement USA? Any kind of work involving renovation or remodeling of interior or exterior of a house or a residential building comes under the home improvement services. Home improvement USA includes maintenance, repair work, alterations or additions and reconstruction work to the existing house or building. There are several types of home remodeling service providers that carry out various jobs such as general contractors and sub contractors. From complete reconstruction projects to renovation these home remodeling contractors and service providers take up various jobs based on their expertise such as air conditioning repair and installation, heating systems repair, waterproofing, roofing and construction of the house or a […]

hurricane irma disaster loan

Get Hurricane Irma Disaster Loan offered by the US Small Business Administration SBA US is offering disaster loans at low-interest rates to the residents of Florida that were impacted by the Hurricane Irma. These loans can be helpful to cover the costs of damages not covered by your insurers. According to the Florida Office insurance regulation, the insurers have filed over 180,000 claims as of October 13, 2017. According to the SBA over 3400 disaster loans have been approved for the residents of Florida that were impacted by the hurricane Irma totaling over $129 million in payments. There are two types of hurricane Irma disaster loan offered by the SBA […]

buy cheap equipment government surplus

Find and Buy cheap equipment government surplus easily through SBA The USA small business administration provides useful information about how to buy cheap equipment government surplus for small business so that, you can decide which equipment and assets are good for running your small business successfully and also how you can pay for them. There are three main categories of assets in which you can divide them: Tangible assets – Tangible assets are those assets that lose value with time such as building, equipment and vehicles but you need them for regular business activities. Tangible assets are counted on balance sheets as they can be assets such as property or […]

Small Business Administration USA

Get Guaranteed Small Business Loans and Find funding through Small Business Administration USA What is Small Business Administration USA and how it helps Small Businesses The main role of Small Business Administration USA is to help American people start, build and grow businesses through an established network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations whether its helping any entrepreneur in securing a business loan or with market research for setting up a new business. SBA or the United States Small Business Administration is an independent agency of the federal government that was setup way back in 1953 to assist and protect the interest of the small businesses, to […]

small business insurance

What is a Small Business Insurance? Just like any other insurance that covers you against unforeseen losses, Small Business Insurance covers your business assets, property and income against losses that may occur anytime in the future. It is also called Commercial Insurance. Normally, a Small Business Insurance helps protect business by providing business property coverage, general liability coverage and business interruption coverage. However, it is up to the Small Business Owner to get more cover for business assets and financial losses by getting a customized business owners policy (BOP) through the insurance company of choice. Small Business Insurance and what kind of insurance you need for your small business Buying […]

find local customers online

How to find local customers online for your local business One of the most difficult things that local business owners constantly face is finding the local customers and generating local leads for their business and sometimes it becomes like a mystery because of the unlimited amount of information that’s available on the internet and so many different marketing companies, agencies and software companies all claiming that once you signup for their services or software you would start getting calls from the local, emails and messages from the local customers. Most of you may have already tried such services and software without any success. So why is it so difficult to […]

yodle reviews

Yodle Reviews 2018 and ratings by its customers  Yodle is a well known company that sells online marketing solutions mostly to the small businesses located in the United States and Canada. Reviews about Yodle left by its customers can be found all over the internet. It has been active since 2005 and had grown to a strength of over 2000 employees with revenues of over US $200 million. It claims to have over 50,000 small businesses across USA as its customers that rely on its local marketing services for getting local leads and customers. The company has excellent business model and has achieved phenomenal growth in the recent years. Advanton is a […]

Useful SaaS Tech to grow Your Small Business

Software-as-a-service technologies that can help you grow your Small Business Technology has changed the way we do business. Startups and small businesses are now able to catch up to big brands with the help of web-based tools that are not only affordable, but also packed with useful features to serve customers better. Software as a Service, better known by its acronym SaaS, gives small and medium businesses the ability to use tools which are typically out of their budget. Whether it is for customer relationship management, file sharing, or communications, there’s usually a SaaS application that you can use for your business. SaaS solution providers for Small Businesses Salesforce Salesforce […]

online marketing for exports business

The role of Online Marketing for Exports Business Growth –Breaking into new markets and increasing export sales is every exporters dream but the roads are bumpy and you can be on the verge of shutting down if you do not have a proper plan in place for gaining traction in the new markets. Leveraging Online Marketing for exports business growth puts exporters back on track by putting business right in front of the potential buyers in foreign markets. Buyers are everywhere almost in every market, every corner of the world but based on your products line you have to identify the market yourself. Whether you have an established exports business […]

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