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Cost of ERP software for small and medium companies

Most of the small and mid-sized enterprises consider managing business processes using multiple software because, of the myth that ERP software would be heavy on their pockets. It’s indeed a myth! ODOO $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full Customization as required World is getting open and so does the software community around the world. There are a number of opensource ERP software available for free that are large, fully equipped with over 4000 business modules and doesn’t require any licenses as compared to proprietary softwares from large vendors. Odoo ERP (previously – openERP) is one such opensource software for small to large enterprises. It is license free, loaded with […]

Satisfy your online and offline customers and increase sales

Automated Phone Support for your customers, built in the cloud for E-commerce websites/portals, retail, logistics and travel companies that costs only $1199 one time. The future belongs to those companies and businesses that can provide support over the phone to the customers and resolve issues quickly. But traditional phone lines and expensive customer-support software does not offer a reliable solution to the customer support problem for small businesses. Phone lines are expensive; toll-free numbers are heavy on pocket and call-centre softwares do not integrate well with the existing websites/portals or CRM software. Consulting firm Fifth Quadrant’s research revealed that for 71 percent of consumers, talking with a live agent over […]

Customer support automation for a large travel & tour operator in Australia

The Challenge Company runs and operates travel & tour business for domestic and international clients offering services such as travel packages booking, hotel booking, sightseeing tours, air tickets booking and honeymoon packages. Company maintains all the customer related data in a CRM built on an open source platform but it was a challenge for the customer support agents to answer customer calls with the accurate information because the CRM software and traditional support phone lines were not integrated. The Solution ADVANTON integrated Cloud IVR with the client’s existing CRM using PHP and MySQL since client’s existing CRM was built on core PHP framework. This automated the call routing capabilities, only […]

Automating customer support for an ecommerce company through cloud IVR

The Challenge Our client runs one of the largest online flower retailing website’s in East Asia and offers delivery across the globe. Due to increasing number of daily orders, the numbers of customer calls were also increasing and the traditional call center support was becoming inefficient. System was unable to scale due to which customers have to be put on hold for longer times and company started losing customers due to bad customer support. The Solution Client’s website was built on Java EE framework  and MySQL database at the core. We customized the core elements of the Cloud IVR using JAVA API libraries for integration with the client’s website and […]

Replacing existing traditional customer support phone lines and software with Cloud IVR for a logistics company

The Challenge Our client operates as a consignment forwarding agent for several logistics & courier vendors that depend on our client’s services for consignment delivery across several cities in Dubai.Company was facing several challenges such call handling & forwarding to the right agents, resolving customer issues quickly and shipment status updates due to traditional hardware based phone lines and software. It was impossible for the traditionally built system to scale and company was spending heavily to purchase more phone lines to handle the call load. The Solution ADVANTON offered a cloud based, fully customized IVR (interactive voice response system) software that integrated well with the client’s existing website database and […]

Customer engagement for a large apparels retailer based in East Asia for newly a launched clothing line

The Challenge Our client is a well known apparels brand based in India with presence across East Asian region. Company launched new clothing line for teenage boys and girls and they wanted to test the market first before adding new designs to the existing clothing line. For this company needed a solution that can engage teenagers when they are walking down the street or waiting at the bus stop or while checking out clothes inside the retail store.     The Solution ADVANTON proposed augmented reality mobile app for the front-end  and a back-end to push the right content while customers are using the app. We focused on brand’s logo […]

Customer Engagement mobile solution for a mid-sized retailer having 12 outlets across Spain

The Challenge Client wanted consumers to be able to access the product info, prices and details by themselves using their smart phones and tablets when they shop in store and retailer can engage these consumers by delivering the content in an interactive manner to boost sales and enhance customer loyalty. $20/user/month – Your Mobile App in the CLOUD – AR custom content The Solution ADVANTON proposed and implemented a mobile application on the front-end that enabled consumers to scan the product labels, shelves and logos for accessing product info, prices and other details in an interactive manner. Mobile application was based on Augmented Reality that made products come alive on […]

Human Resources management for a mid-sized staffing solutions company in the Middle East

The Challenge Our client was a mid-sized staffing solutions company based in the Middle Eastern region but providing staffing, man power and contract labor solutions to the organizations across the Middle East and Asian region. Company employs over 200 people catering to staffing needs of their clients on a regular basis. One of the major challenges that company faced was managing candidates’ data and contact management with the clients. Communication with the candidates, interview scheduling, job tracking and margins on recruitments also needed to be integrated into the new system. ODOO $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Free customization   The Solution Odoo ERP was chosen after carefully analyzing the company’s […]

POS, Inventory management, billing, Finance and Human Resources management on Odoo ERP platform for a multi-million dollar conglomerate in East Asia

The Challenge A multi-million dollar business conglomerate in East Asia runs over 40 grocery & departmental stores. Company had several different softwares to manage various departments such as POS, accounting , billing, finance and Human Resources. The major challenge was that there was no single system to bring all the departments together and work seamlessly across the organization. Due to which there was no transparency in business processes and company was losing revenues. ODOO $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Free customization   The solution ADVANTON proposed and implemented odoo ERP customizing modules to support existing business processes. Odoo ERP was an ideal solution for the company as it is […]

Sales, Purchase, Billing, inventory, accounting and Finance processes automation for an Auto trader in Dubai

The Business Challenge Company was based in Dubai with operations across the Middle Eastern region. They have suppliers from East Asia and Europe. Due to regular purchasing of spare parts and accessories from these suppliers, company wanted a solution that can automate purchase processing, billing, finance, accounting and demand forecasting. Company was running a legacy accounting system to manage all suppliers and finances. ODOO $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full customization   The Solution During the first phase of the project ADVANTON implemented custom modules of odoo ERP to automate purchase and billing departments to maximize business efficiency as that was the major challenge faced by the client organization. […]

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