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ERP for SMEs – it shouldn’t be so expensive and complex

Small and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of the US economy, they generate over 65% of new private sector jobs and employ over 50% of private sector employees. ODOO $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Free Customization As per the data 96.5 percent of manufacturing exporters are small and medium enterprises and they contribute over 19.1 percent of the total $839 billion in exports. Similarly, 93.5 percent of manufacturing importers are small and medium enterprises and they accounted for over 13.4 percent of the total $914 billion in imports. Learn more about our Odoo ERP solutions and Case Studies SMEs have their own business challenges, specific requirements and needs and […]

Augmented Reality and the Future of Restaurant Marketing

As per the research data revealed by RBC and the NPD Group, there’s a sharp decline in people visiting their favorite restaurants over the last seven years and this decline is over 20%. Learn how we enable the leading restaurants with our affordable customer engagement solutions Larger brands that had enough resources and cash had survived by adopting new technologies, implementing new marketing strategies and adding new dishes to the menu to attract food lovers. But smaller brands and individual restaurant owners had to shut down due to decreasing sales and rising operating costs. If numbers are to be believed 80% of the restaurants fail during the first year due […]

Health Insurance Claims Management Application in and SQL Server 2005

One of the largest TPA health insurance services providers operating in the Asian Region saved 30% on operational costs annually by automating claims management process. Learn more about our .NET development services & experience The business Challenge: A well known Third Part Associate (TPA) offering services to both the insured and the insurer was losing revenues due to complex claims management system they had. Company wanted to automate the entire claims process to reduce errors and keep a check on fraudulent claims. Since, it was a well know company and a TPA, company had tie-ups with all major health insurance companies in the region and had thousands of claims to be […]

Odoo ERP for a leading Manufacturing Organization in Eastern Europe

ADVANTON Inc. enabled one of the leading Manufacturing organization based in Eastern Europe to save operational costs by upto 40%. Advanton Inc. once again delivered on its promise and commitment to help global companies achieve greater efficiency by adopting open applications that does not cost as much compared to proprietary software from global vendors. $9/user/month – Free customization – Your Private CLOUD The Business Challenge The company is involved in the manufacturing of plastic components for the Automobile industry and exports products across Europe and Asia. Company 3 plants and 5 international offices across Europe and Asia. Company was managing its entire business processes and manufacturing activities on a legacy […]

A guide to maximize returns on your Augmented Reality investments

A growing number of household-name brands from Volkswagen to Starbucks are building customer engagement through augmented reality. Augmented reality or AR as it is known is a highly effective way to build-in value for customers, and create a connection with them that will give them a reason to return to your store. Learn how ADVANTON Inc. helped global companies with its Augmented reality based Customer Engagement & Acquisition Solutions 1) Maximize Customer Engagement Everyone from Ray Ban to Acer has employed AR, but only a few brands are doing it well. One good example of building engagement can be seen in the Domino’s Pizza campaign that encouraged people to scan […]

New Features bring new Possibilities – Odoo Restaurant POS

Odoo POS is already in use by over 2 million businesses for handling daily transactions, bills, cash payments and card swipes because of its business friendly features and open architecture that supports any type of POS hardware such as barcode scanners, printers and remote printers. $15/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full Customization as needed   Learn more about our most innovative and promising solutions for the Restaurant & Food Chains But the new release in 2015 has made Odoo POS even more advanced and sophisticated that offers features that solve real business problems for you or your employees that actually work on the Restaurant Floor or at the Retail […]

Leading Transportation and Logistics Company automates operations with Odoo implementation and saves thousands of dollars in annual spending

The Business Challenge: A mid-sized logistics company based in the middle-eastern region provides transportation and logistics services to the grocery stores on daily basis and manages a fleet of over 150 vehicles. Company was losing money on their day-to-day operations as they were running a legacy system to manage fleets and business operations. There was no transparency in vehicle locations, routes, contracts and insurance claims as there were neither automated reminders nor real-time updates. Company wanted a system that is extremely reliable and affordable as they did not have large budget and they can’t afford to spend few hundred thousand dollars on proprietary software. ODOO Fleet management $9/user/month – Private […]

Why businesses must think about new customer acquisition strategies and beyond CRM?

This is the “age of the customer” as Forrester Research calls it. While most of the companies call themselves customer-centric by implementing strategies that add a sense of personal touch, engaging customers ‘now’ has become more important. Why? Learn how ADVANTON delivers the most promising customer engagement solutions Because growing market offers much more options to the consumers and challenges of making consumers stick with your brand are also increasing. You may have a world-class product priced low than your competition but you may end up with low sales because your customer engagement level was low compared to your competition and this happens because of weaker customer acquisition strategy. Consumer behaviour […]

An introduction to Odoo Accounting – take control of your company’s finances and budget

Fully automate your Accounting – Empower your organization, large or small to spend less time managing finances. Odoo Accounting is full-featured, web based and the most powerful Accounting Software $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full customization as needed Take control of your finances by recording every transaction in just few clicks and managing all your company’s financial activities in one place. Fully automate daily accounting tasks within your organization and sync your bank statements with the software. Odoo is powerful offering features such as integrated analytic accounting, budgeting, ledger management, assets and managing multiple company accounts in one place. It is the most productive software on the earth that […]

How to manage your Restaurant’s inventory to reduce wastage of food and save money?

Managing a restaurant is not easy, it has its own challenges and if you’re ignoring certain areas that need attention such as inventory then, you might be losing lot of money every day. A pound of burger, a bread loaf or a head of lettuce might seem small but it adds up to the running costs every year and it’s a big pile of dollar bills. ODOO $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full customization as needed   Most of the restaurants face overstocking and food wastage problems because of the lack of proper inventory management and forecasting system. Since, profitability in a restaurant business depends on the sale of […]

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