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how big is Pizza business

How big is Pizza Business? Have you ever thought about opening a pizza parlor or a small pizza outlet in your neighborhood? Have you ever tried to estimate the annual pizza sales in America? If you are a budding entrepreneur who wants to take on the food industry then Pizza business can prove to be a gold mine for you. By the time you finish reading this post; Americans have consumed 105,000 slices of their favorite Pizza. For Small Business Owners Pizza is a low-risk high return business due to its high demand among consumers, simple ingredients and low investments when setting up a small pizza shop. Also, it requires […]

boost wifi signal with soft drink can

How to Boost wifi signal? Using a Soft Drink Can. Almost all of us have problems with the weak wifi signal at our homes, shops and offices but there’s no effective solution to the problem and we keep trying different things to boost the wifi signal. Sometimes, we change our Routers spending few hundred dollars on a new one, sometimes we change the position of the routers and sometimes we try cleaning up our laptops and PCs or download wifi signal boosting apps on our tablets and smart phones You will be surprised to know that there’s finally a solution to boost wifi signal which is proven, tested and effective […]

cheap insurance quotes

Find and Compare Cheap Insurance Quotes Online in America When it comes to starting up and running a small business it takes a lot of research, planning and hard work to succeed and then there could be unforeseen losses in the future that can ruin all your hard work and business and you may want to protect your business against such losses. As a small business owner you may want to find cheap insurance quotes to cover business. Insurance is one of the most important things that you cannot ignore when it comes to reducing risks and securing the future. Just like you have your health insurance and life insurance […]

what is a credit union

What is a Credit Union? A credit Union is a not-for-profit customer owner cooperative financial institution. In simple terms the customers/members democratically control a credit union and this is how credit unions are being managed until today. Each member has the right to vote to and elect a volunteer board of directors regardless of their savings or shares in a credit union. The sole purpose of a credit union is to maximize the economic benefits of its members by providing financial services such as small business loans, checking accounts and deposit accounts at lower fee and better rates. Credit Union systems vary significantly globally ranging from few hundred members and […]

best bank for small business

Best Bank for Small Business? Find the top five on the list below When you are ready to launch your small business after a lot of hard work and planning the most important thing that you have on your mind is managing your finances and for that you must be looking for the best bank for small business. A bank that can provide you everything from a business account with zero to a very low monthly free, good interest rate and a bunch of small business friendly programs and services such as start-up loans, small business financing, money transfer, payroll management and online banking can make a huge difference to […]

small business grants

Sources Where you can find Small Business Grants So you are ready to get started with your small business and now you must be thinking how to get money for your business or find funding for your small business? It can make a huge difference if you can find small business grants to raise capital for your small business.  There are also government grants available for specific types of businesses and categories such as not-for-profit, research based grants if you are involved in developing some new technology or your work is related to science or education. But what if your business category doesn’t fall under the ones listed above? Don’t […]

Home improvement usa

What is Home Improvement? Any kind of work involving renovation or remodeling of interior or exterior of a house or a residential building comes under the home improvement services. Home improvement includes maintenance, repair work, alterations or additions and reconstruction work to the existing house or building. There are several types of home remodeling service providers that carry out various jobs such as general contractors and sub contractors. From complete reconstruction projects to renovation these home remodeling contractors and service providers take up various jobs based on their expertise such as air conditioning repair and installation, heating systems repair, waterproofing, roofing and construction of the house or a building. Spending […]

hurricane irma disaster loan

Get Hurricane Irma Disaster Loan offered by the US Small Business Administration SBA US is offering disaster loans at low-interest rates to the residents of Florida that were impacted by the Hurricane Irma. These loans can be helpful to cover the costs of damages not covered by your insurers. According to the Florida Office insurance regulation, the insurers have filed over 180,000 claims as of October 13, 2017. According to the SBA over 3400 disaster loans have been approved for the residents of Florida that were impacted by the hurricane Irma totaling over $129 million in payments. There are two types of hurricane Irma disaster loans offered by the SBA […]

buy cheap equipment government surplus

Find and Buy equipment easily  for your business through SBA The USA small business administration provides useful information about buying equipment, assets and government surplus for small businesses so that, you can decide which equipment and assets are good for running your small business successfully and also how you can pay for them. There are three main categories of assets in which you can divide them: Tangible assets – Tangible assets are those assets that lose value with time such as building, equipment and vehicles but you need them for regular business activities. Tangible assets are counted on balance sheets as they can be assets such as property or equipment. […]

Small Business Administration USA

Get Guaranteed Small Business Loans and Find funding for your Startups from SBA What is Small Business Administration and how it helps Small Businesses The main role of Small Business Administration is to help American people start, build and grow businesses through an established network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations whether its helping any entrepreneur in securing a business loan or with market research for setting up a new business. SBA or the United States Small Business Administration is an independent agency of the federal government that was setup way back in 1953 to assist and protect the interest of the small businesses, to preserve […]

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