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Automating customer support for an ecommerce company through cloud IVR

The Challenge

Our client runs one of the largest online flower retailing website’s in East Asia and offers delivery across the globe. Due to increasing number of daily orders, the numbers of customer calls were also increasing and the traditional call center support was becoming inefficient. System was unable to scale due to which customers have to be put on hold for longer times and company started losing customers due to bad customer support.

The Solution

Client’s website was built on Java EE framework  and MySQL database at the core. We customized the core elements of the Cloud IVR using JAVA API libraries for integration with the client’s website and database. Cloud IVR was able to gather information from the MySQL database and enabled voice response over the phone to the customers that dialled the support number mentioned on the website. Client also wanted to hide the support number from the users who do not have an account or who did not make a purchase on the website. System asked for customer id or order id first to be able to connect call that enabled the support agents to answer only genuine callers. Cloud IVR automated customer service by routing calls to the right agents based on the customer inputs over the phone, provided automated response on order details and shipment status of the products.

Technologies and platform

JAVA EE, Apache, MySQL

Jboss, TWILIO APIs, Jquery

Cloud IVR

CLOUD IVR is an ideal solution for the eCommerce companies to automate customer support and provide exceptional customer service over the phone and boost sales. Call us on +1(205)624 7254 or leave us a message. Our client associate will be in touch with your shortly.

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