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Office 365 mail and ODOO integration

Guide for Office 365 mail and ODOO integration  Recently, Hubbard College of Administration based in Los Angeles, USA  approached us for solving one of their challenges they were facing with the newly implemented ODOO ERP system and Office 365 mails integration. It was a challenging task resolving the issue because everything seemed pretty ok with the ODOO version 10 community edition implementation and Office 365 mail settings that were done previously. We had analysed and tested the setup with various IP addresses, domain names and test servers but none really seemed to work the way College’s CLOUD setup was implemented. Their domain name was pointing to their CLOUD servers where the […]

Search Engine Optimization and Google Ranking

Ultimate guide to Search Engine Optimization and Google Ranking So, you are ready with your new small business website like thousands of other small businesses on the web but what’s your marketing plan in order to compete with other businesses? The truth is that it’s like a war going on the web today among websites to rank higher in search results for generating more business and as a new website owner you can get lost easily in this war if you do not have a solid online marketing and search engine optimization strategy. Today, we are discussing the most important aspects of on page SEO techniques that will help you […]

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