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find local customers online

How to find local customers online for your local business One of the most difficult things that local business owners constantly face is finding the local customers and generating local leads for their business and sometimes it becomes like a mystery because of the unlimited amount of information that’s available on the internet and so many different marketing companies, agencies and software companies all claiming that once you signup for their services or software you would start getting calls from the local, emails and messages from the local customers. Most of you may have already tried such services and software without any success. So why is it so difficult to […]

who owns domain name – WHOIS Lookup

Who owns domain name – A complete Guide – Recently, we came across an issue where some of the small business owners wanted to get started with our Free Website Development and Online Marketing program but they couldn’t get started quickly due to the domain name ownership issues. Do you know who owns domain name? They were pretty frustrated with the website design and online marketing agencies that they were dealing with since few months and guess what it became even worse, when they wanted to have access to their domain control panel those web design agencies simply refused to give them the access to change the DNS (Domain name System) settings […]

Why Small Businesses Need Mobile App in today’s digital age

Small Business Owners must consider Mobile App development for their businesses in today’s digital age to tap the wider market. If you are the owner of a small business and your business does not have a mobile application, it is important that you get one. Only having an online presence is no longer sufficient, as most of the online activities have shifted to mobile. Creating a smartphone app is an essential marketing technique to gain an adge over your competition. As per surveys, majority of individuals check their mobile phones at least once every hour and most of them use different mobile applications. As a result, smartphone applications have become a […]

Why your small business needs a mobile responsive website

You need a Mobile Responsive website in 2017 to generate sales! In today’s digital age mobile websites have become as important as having a desktop website for businesses to tap into the mobile space. There are a number of reasons why your website should be user-friendly, responsive and mobile ready. Mobile friendly websites help improves mobile search rankings. It offers better user experience and navigation capabilities to keep visitors coming back to your website on their mobile devices. Learn more about ADVANTON CLOUD for Free Website and Free online Marketing that helps over 10,000 small business owners in 160 countries.. Understand the mobile content To tap into the mobile space, […]

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