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cheap insurance quotes

Cheap Insurance Quotes Online in America As a small business owner you may want to find cheap insurance quotes to cover business. When it comes to starting up and running a small business it takes a lot of research, planning and hard work to succeed and then there could be unforeseen losses in the future that can ruin all your hard work and business and you may want to protect your business against such losses.  Insurance is one of the most important things that you cannot ignore when it comes to reducing risks and securing the future. Just like you have your health insurance and life insurance in place, small […]

small business grants

Sources Where you can find Small Business Grants So you are ready to get started with your small business and now you must be thinking how to get money for your business or find funding for your small business? Well, small business grants are available from many different sources for small businesses in various categories. It can make a huge difference if you can find small business grants to raise capital for your small business.  There are also government grants available for specific types of businesses and categories such as not-for-profit, research based grants if you are involved in developing some new technology or your work is related to science […]

buy cheap equipment government surplus

Find and Buy cheap equipment government surplus easily through SBA The USA small business administration provides useful information about how to buy cheap equipment government surplus for small business so that, you can decide which equipment and assets are good for running your small business successfully and also how you can pay for them. There are three main categories of assets in which you can divide them: Tangible assets – Tangible assets are those assets that lose value with time such as building, equipment and vehicles but you need them for regular business activities. Tangible assets are counted on balance sheets as they can be assets such as property or […]

yodle alternative

Free Yodle Alternative – Advanton About YODLE It is an online marketing company catering to the Small Business Owners across US and Canada. Yodle was founded in 2005 and since then it has been growing steadily reporting revenues of over US $163 million in the year 2016 – 2017. If you are looking for a Yodle Alternative then continue reading… Yodle has over 50,000 small businesses as its customers for local online advertising needs. Yodle charges somewhere between $500 – $1200 per month in fee for providing online marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Local Lead Generation Services to the Small Businesses. Yodle claims to bring more customers to the small […]

Six key things for Small Business Owners

Six Key things for Small Business owners to Succeed in today’s digital era In today’s digital market you need a strong online presence in order to succeed with your small business. As a small business owner you already take a lot of risk everyday and not having a professional business image online puts you at a greater risk of failing in your venture. There are several reasons for this: Not having a domain name registered under your business name means you do not have any web presence and the prospects would never come to know about your business. Not having a website for your small business means you are not […]

how to create a free website

How to create a Free Website for your small business with our Step-by-step guide According to a recent survey most of the Small business owners across US either do not have a website or they have a sluggish, slow and low quality business website that is of no use in 2017. One of the major reasons for not having a website is that the small business owners think that it is expensive to build and market a website. Considering the above situation and the fact that having an online presence is extremely important in today’s digital age, we decided to write a complete guide on ‘how to create a free […]

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