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Customer Portal development in PYTHON Django framework for a mortgage company in Australia

The Business Challenge Our client a mid-sized mortgage company in Australia wanted to build a dedicated Customer Portal for its customers. They wanted to enable their customers have access to all the information related to their loan, EMIs, reports and a loan EMI calculator based on unique parameters. They also wanted to introduce collection of payments though direct bank debit and cards, so that customers can pay their due EMIs without any hassles. Also, the Reports and all the financial data have to be made available in a PDF format for downloading at any time. The Solution Since, the client already had a loan origination and approval platform the greatest […]

Datawarehouse implementation on MS SQL Server 2012 for a top Revenue Recovery Agency in the US

Enabling one of the leading Revenue Recovery Agencies in the US to align IT with business for collections process optimization and reduce spending on IT systems through strategic Outsourcing based on our Global Execution Model. We are helping one of the leading Debt collection agencies in the US with revenues in excess of $100mn, reduce IT spending from US $2MN to US $1.2MN annually, leveraging Business Intelligence, Predictive analytics, strategic outsourcing and application maintenance. We’ve enabled the agency have access to the business critical reports and insightful data anytime, across departments and on mobile devices through a single source of information database. Agency has experienced significant improvement in employee productivity […]

Advantages of Odoo implementation as an ERP for large Enterprises and small to mid-sized companies

ODOO ERP – in the CLOUD by ADVANTON Inc. – $9/user/month – Free implementation & customization Whether you are a small business with just 10 employees or a large company with over 1000 employees there are day-to-day tasks such as copying, duplicating and matching the data from multiple sources and synchronizing it between multiple software applications for which your employees spend tiring hours and ultimate make errors because of work overload. The problem is that multiple applications that you use such as Quickbooks or freshbooks or some other accounting software and a different software for managing your inventory and production and different software for sales automation…it seems like too confusing […]

How to protect your PHP web applications and websites from attacks and hackers addressing security issues during PHP web application development

As we’ve mentioned in our previous post about PHP scripting and its advantages for developing dynamic database drive websites and web applications, we are now discussing the security issues related to PHP scripting when mediocre developers loosely code your applications. PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language for developing web applications and dynamic websites. It is used by websites such as Facebook, baidu, Wikipedia and pinterest due its simplicity, object oriented programming capabilities and ability to run on any OS (operating system) platform. But PHP can put you in serious trouble if you are not aware about the security vulnerabilities and issues while developing or outsourcing your PHP web applications […]

How to perform Employees Evaluations and Appraisals with Odoo Module for the Human Resources Department

Productive employees contribute to a company’s growth and for companies to retain the best employees has always been a challenge. Odoo/OpenERP employees’ evaluation and appraisals module enables Human Resources department of the company to evaluate the performance of the employees periodically following a pre-defined step-by-step process as you assign for each employee into the Odoo/OpenER business management software. ODOO HR $9/user/mth – Your Private CLOUD – Free Customization The Odoo/OpenERP employees’ evaluation and appraisals module works in synchronization with the Odoo/OpenERP Human Resources management module and allows companies to implement a motivational process by assessing each employee’s performance in a periodic manner. It brings unmatched benefits to the Human Resources […]

Using PHP for your Web Application Development Projects Outsourcing and Its advantages as an Open Source technology

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is designed for web development such as dynamic websites, Content Management System development, shopping cart development and can also be used as a general purpose programming language.  The advantage of PHP is that it can be embedded into the HTML code and can also be used in combination with various client-side scripting languages, web frameworks and web template systems. One of the main reasons why PHP has become so popular for web development across the world is because it can be ported and deployed on almost every operating system and web servers and platform, free of charge. Websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr […]

Why Odoo ERP is an ideal solution for business and manufacturing enterprises that want an affordable but advanced solution for complete business automation

Every business enterprise has its own vision, strategy and goals but what’s common among all is to be able to make profits. But over the last decade business environment became more competitive and fierce that pushed companies to change strategies and find new opportunities to remain profitable. The ones that adopted new technologies to simplify complex business survived while others have to shut down. ODOO – Your Private CLOUD – $9/user/month – Free Customization as needed We’ve entered 2016 and everything seems to be moving so fast whether its people or business. Whether it’s a small business enterprise or a large enterprise with globally distributed offices, the need to simplify […]

How Cloud technologies and Odoo ERP implementation are driving growth for businesses at 80% lower cost?

Adoption of open source technology solutions by large companies is on the rise because of the two main reasons: a) Upto 70% cost savings b) Flexible to customize ODOO $9/user/month – Private Cloud by Advanton Inc. – Customization as Required Technologies such as Cloud computing have made it possible for both small and large businesses to become more efficient by spending 80% less compared to proprietary software and hardware for managing business processes. Gone are the days, when companies had to rely on expensive telephone lines and call centre setup in order to handle customer calls and provide support. Systems such as Cloud IVR and Cloud based marketing solutions are […]

Android Mobile App development for a leading Third Party Vehicle Insurance Company in South Asia

The Business Challenge Our client is one of the leading Third Party Vehicle Insurance Company based in South Asia. They process hundreds of claims for various accidental cases for cars and commercial vehicles. Company was facing challenges to capture images at the sight of the location and upload it instantly on the company’s internal insurance claims management software for faster verifications, approvals and to prevent fraudulent claims. They wanted an Android Mobile App developed that can equip their field verification officer to capture the vehicle images at the location using their mobile phone and then instantly transfer all the images to the claims department. Company’s internal insurance claims management system […]

How a custom Odoo ERP module and IVR integration enables business growth by increasing customer satisfaction rate?

ODOO for small business Owners $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full Customization Odoo is the world’s most widely used open source suite of business management software applications that is currently in use by over 2 million small and large businesses worldwide. Some of the world’s top companies such as Toyota, Hyundai, Danone and Singer to name a few have adopted Odoo for its cost benefits, open architecture, flexibility and easy modules customization features. It supports distributed business environment, databases and comes with over 4500 modules that support almost every industry and business. IVR software (interactive voice response system) enables companies to provide information to the consumers over the phone when […]

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