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Managed Magento website services just $25/month – fastest CLOUD Hosting and free Magento development

Advanton Inc. provides highly scalable CLOUD infrastructure for Magento websites & applications development. Our Managed services exclusively for Magento websites includes CLOUD hosting plus free Magento store development services for small and medium businesses at just $25/month. Magento Hosting and Store Development for Free What are Managed Magento services by Advanton Inc.? Advanton Inc. is a CLOUD software company and all our products & services are built in the CLOUD to enable individuals and small businesses have accesses to the cutting edge technologies at extremely low cost. Our Managed Magento website services enable new and existing ecommerce businesses, online stores to move to the CLOUD within 24 to 48 hours […]

Free Cloud ERP Software and business management solutions by Advanton Inc. – starts with 15/user/month

Advanton Inc. a global Cloud computing company that empowers small business owners and individuals to boost sales, productivity and automate day-to-day tasks related to the business activities. Advanton Inc. has built state-of-the art CLOUD infrastructure to enable our customers achieve more by simplifying complex tasks in the CLOUD. CLOUD applications & software systems by ADVANTON Inc. enable small business owners to spend as low as $10/user/month and automate their entire business processes such as Manufacturing, Human Resources, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Inventory, Warehouse Management etc. in a safe, secure and fastest computing environment. Running your business on CLOUD means you are secure against any data losses, cyber threats and other […]

ODOO ERP Solutions for Free in the CLOUD by ADVANTON Inc. – Take control of your business

Customized ODOO Solutions – Your Private CLOUD – Pay just $9/user/month As a small business owner you have lots to do on a daily basis and all by yourself. From managing Sales to accounting to managing finances and you feel overwhelmed. At Advanton Inc. we understand the challenges and problems of small business owners and that’s why our dedicated small business units arm has launched a fully automated ODOO ERP CLOUD solution that enables you to automate your Sales activities, manage your inventory & warehouse, ecommerce store setup, HR processes automation, accounting automation and much more for just $9/user/month. Learn More about our Free CLOUD ODOO ERP solutions & Services […]

Free ODOO implementation & customization services in the CLOUD – all at $9/user/month

At Advanton Inc. we realize the business challenges faced by small businesses on a daily basis and it’s our mission to enable small businesses across the world become more productive and manageable by leveraging the most powerful business management software ODOO ERP at absolutely zero fees for consulting, implementation and customization. Advanton Inc. is a CLOUD software company and we help small businesses adopt cloud technologies at extremely low cost while having access to the high-end CLOUD based software products and services. How Advanton Inc. is able to offer ODOO implementation & customization services for free? Our mission is unique. We want to enable every small business on the planet […]

Point of Sale Solution (POS) for shops and restaurants in the CLOUD – $15/user/month

Call US: +1(205)624 7254 | Call Europe: +44(203)514 3291 | Contact Us Your Shop/Restaurant POS in the CLOUD – No hardware/software required – Its not just Point of Sale solution, its the World’s most powerful complete shop/restaurant management Solution – just $15/user/month – 7 Days Free Trial Advanton Inc. is committed to its mission of enabling small shops and restaurants across the globe to provide better and delightful customer service to their customers. Point of Sale Solution for shops and restaurants in the CLOUD is on such initiative by Advanton Inc. towards fulfilling its mission. World’s most advanced POS hosted in the CLOUD enables shop managers, owners as well as restaurant […]

Human Resources Management Solution for the Saudi Arabian Region (KSA) $9/month/user – Compliant to KSA Labor Laws

Human Resources Management Solution Saudi Arabia –Leverage the World’s most advanced Human Resources Management Solution Saudi Arabia by ADVANTON Inc. based on ODOO ERP that covers entire HR lifecycle from Recruitment to ESB (End of service benefits) as per the KSA labor laws and gain compliance by automating your organization’s HR processes and also prevent penalties.                                                    Features of the Human Resources Management Solution Saudi Arabia   Software Interface   English and Arabic   Contact Management   Manage Employee Contacts efficiently and search in one click   […]

How mobility can bring prosperity to your restaurant’s business?

The hospitality and the restaurant industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. If we look at the data published by ‘Statista’ the food and drinks sale stood at $683 billion alone in the USA in 2014. As per the data more than 82 percent of consumers in the US visited fast food or a dine-in restaurant at least once per week. The estimated sales for the year 2015 – 2016 are expected to reach over 700 billion US dollars. As it is clear from the data that the consumer spending on food are increasing and there are infinite opportunities in the food industry to build a […]

How technology and mobile apps are driving growth for the restaurant and food industry and how vital is it for the growth?

In these times customers have become more sophisticated and they have become more open to the idea of exploring various brand options before spending. Food industry is also experiencing a similar shift in consumer behaviour as consumers have become more conscious towards health, calories, hygiene and of course pricing. Consumers today have more number of options available for dining out or ordering over the phone or online. Digital technology has made consumers more choosy, conscious and aware. But it has also opened new doors of opportunities for the restaurant industry and food chains. The key to growth and profitability lies in satisfying the needs of the consumers to retain them […]

What language to use for Mobile App Development?

As one of the leading enterprise mobile app development company, we are often asked by our clients about the language and platform that we may use to develop the mobile app. So, we thought sharing some knowledge about various languages for developing mobile apps. AS per the data there are over 650,000 apps for iphone and over 600,000 apps for android that are released by the developers worldwide. If you are looking to develop a mobile app for your business or consulting any mobile app development company then selecting the right programming language based on your requirements and your market segment can play a key role in the success of […]

Document Management Scanning and Archival Portal development in Python Django Framework for an insurance broker in the European Region

The Challenge Our client is a mid-sized insurance broker based in Europe and has tie-ups with over 20 leading insurance companies serving over 3 million customers annually. Our client has 3 different branch offices at different locations across the EU region. Due to the regulatory measures and compliance issues in the insurance industry it was vital for the client to maintain electronic records of all the documents and policy papers including the customer specific policy details. They had a legacy Document Management System that was slow, lagging in features and poor archival and retrieval capabilities. They immediately needed a solution that could help them meet compliance and resolve document archival […]

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