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Advantages of Odoo implementation as an ERP for large Enterprises and small to mid-sized companies

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Whether you are a small business with just 10 employees or a large company with over 1000 employees there are day-to-day tasks such as copying, duplicating and matching the data from multiple sources and synchronizing it between multiple software applications for which your employees spend tiring hours and ultimate make errors because of work overload. The problem is that multiple applications that you use such as Quickbooks or freshbooks or some other accounting software and a different software for managing your inventory and production and different software for sales automation…it seems like too confusing and unproductive because of no integration between different software systems.

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Odoo is fully integrated and license free

By considering Odoo implementation for your small business or large business, you are taking the first step towards the freedom that other 2 million businesses enjoy. Companies including Toyota, Hyundai, WWF, Sodexo are using Odoo because it is one single ERP software that synchronizes your data so there’s no room for duplication or errors and automates all your business processes and departments at zero licensing cost.

ERP or business management softwares are meant to address your business challenges by simplifying day-to-day tasks – Odoo is known for its features and functionalities

Odoo implementation offers over 2500 most advanced business modules that cater to your immediate needs by over 90% and unique business requirements are addressed by customizing the modules as Odoo has a very robust and flexible architecture that offers quick customization capabilities. Odoo modules include:

Accounting and Billing (fully integrated with your bank for payments, statements and checks writing)      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)       fully integrated with VOIP module

Human Resources (HRM) (resumes, timesheets, expenses and leaves etc.)


     Warehouse and Inventory Management            (Double-entry inventory system for full              traceability)












    Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008)

Content Management System (CMS for website & Portal)    Manufacturing

e-commerce shopping cart integration


    Invoicing (recurring, automated, EDI                 payments)




     Fleet Management for Logistics

Odoo caters to your specific business needs by offering quick module customization capabilities. Our team of business consultants can help you in reaping maximum benefits out of this powerful business management software by customizing modules that satisfies your unique requirements.

Odoo’s business model as the world’s most powerful and widely used ERP software

There’s no fee for acquiring Odoo, it’s completely free. The only fee that companies have to bear is of the module customization and that’s also too low compared to other ERP software from large vendors such as SAP or Oracle or any other product vendor. You can be running Odoo and marching towards being a flexible and profitable organization for as low as $9/user/month. Can you imagine $5000 compared to $200000 for proprietary ERP software? Our experts are ready to help you now by understanding your business requirements and implementing the most amazing Odoo solution.

With Odoo you are free

Odoo is modular which means for every business process there’s a business module and it has over 2500 modules so that every business on the planet can take advantage of its great features and functionality and become profitable.  You can schedule the Odoo deployment as your needs grow which means that you can start implementing just 1 module and then move on to other modules as you start experiencing its power. You can control your budget, take care of your priorities and spend as you get comfortable with time.

odoo implementation advantages

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